My top 5 SciFi shows – Short and Sweet

1 – The Expanse

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, with season 4 The Expand has become my most favorite SciFi show. It’s not hard SciFi, but it is as good as it gets.
The story-line, characters and visuals are just amazing.

2 – Altered Carbon (Season 1)

Altered Carbon is cyberpunkish goodness and food for a good philosophical discussion.
Who wants to live forever? Will the richest of the rich become immortals, with influence and power that makes them appear godlike?

Season 2 was just okish

3 – Battlestar Galactica

Epic came first to mind when I was thinking, why should this show need to be in my top 5.
BSG has it all, Humans vs Machines, Religions and Myth, who or what will survive.
The remake of remakes earned its place on this list, and it is proof that not all reboots are a waste of time.

4 – FireFly

What can I say, cowboys and spaceships? Who cool is that?

5 – Star Trek Discovery

I am not a diehard fan, I am a still somewhat a Treky, and it is a good show. Entertaining and in one of my favorite universe.

Honorary Mentions

Any good list should have honorary mentions, and here we go SG1, Stranger Things, Babylon 5 The Mandalorian, Fringe, Star Trek (all but Voyager), Into the Badlands …


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