Back to Sony

Ok it’s official I switched to form Nikon to Sony.

Writing this post feels almost like going to confession. ”Forgive for I have switched….”. Not that I would know.

For nearly a decade I used enthusiastically Nikon DX cameras. My last camera was a D7200, and it is a great camera.


But the truth to be told a long time before it was hip to have a Sony camera, I had a owned a Sony Mavica. Back in 1999 it had had a floppy disk which made it really easy to transfer pictures to a desktop PC.

Sony Mavica

After that I owned a few Fuji fine Pix, and I found good companion in Nikon DX SLRs.

I travel a lot and for a while I wanted to move to full-frame. Of cause Nikon has its own Z6. It is about bulkier then the Nikon. Sony’s focus system was one more reason to try something new.

Since I have the Sony a7 III, time and good weather were scares. So far no regrets.

In case of a nostalgic laps I still have D90 with Nikkors nifty fifty.

Let’s see what I have to say in a few month.

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