Is the Sony FE 85mm F1.8 the real McCoy?

I bought the Sony 85mm f1.8 FE about four months ago and have rarely taken it off my camera (A7II).

This lens made me rethink focusing. It is super sharp, and the auto-focus is nearly always on target. At 1.8 it means you better focus on the right spot; otherwise, you have ruined shot with beautiful bokeh.

Yes; 85mm prime screams portrait, and this Sony glass will not disappoint. Hero or Glam shot, Rembrandt or butterfly it is all comes down to lighting and your skills with this lens and occasionally the models’ mood. 


85mm is also great for street and landscape; it makes you walk.

Take away coffee
Fota Park Cork

Why is that good, you ask? Because one needs move to frame the subject, which in turn helps to get the Photo Mojo going and burn some extra calories.

With a “Macro Extension Tube” this lens becomes a superb macro substitute.


With Macro Extension Tube

It may not be my all day goto lens, but it is one of my favourite lenses sofar.

It is the Real McCoy.

The Sony FE 85mm F1.8 is not exact low budget, but it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. With a price tag nearly half of the Zeiss Batis 85mm F1.8 and three times less than the GM 85m f 1.4, it is excellent value for your money. It has a good pedigree, with outstanding sharpness and low distortion. The small size and low weight, the great build quality and overall performance make the Sony FE 85mm F1.8 a must-have for enthusiasts. I can see even PRO’s using this lens.

Please find here the DXO comparison.

And here some more examples

Zen Garden at 5.6
Vintage at f2.8

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